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Welcome! Most importantly of all, I'd like to say a big thank you to everyone who is checking out the KIMBER series.

I have not always been a writer and have taken quite an interesting path to get here. 


When I was 17, I enlisted in the United States Army out of Detroit, Michigan. My passion was rotary-wing aviation and I worked as a helicopter mechanic while I pursued my degree in Aeronautics. I was blessed to receive a flight scholarship and became a private & commercial helicopter pilot before graduating from the University of North Dakota. I commissioned as an active-duty Army officer in the spring of 2012 and was sent from the great tundra of the north to the white sand beaches of the south.


 This is where my story takes its first big turn. While transitioning to flying the uniquely large helicopters of the military, I incurred irreversible damage to my spine. Fractures were diagnosed in my lower back, and it was clear I would never fly again.


If we allow them to, sometimes our greatest disappointments can become the catalyst for new achievement, adventure, and growth. After I separated from the Army, I took a five-month backpacking trip with my husky, Colefax, to reflect on life and reconnect with who I was apart from the military. I jumped headfirst in my passions, which to this day include coaching fitness as a certified personal trainer, real estate, writing, and enjoying life with my amazing better-half (who is a still an active-duty U.S. Army helicopter pilot) and our two dogs, Bella and Drax.


Thanks again for being a part of the journey and I am so excited to announce that Book III of The KIMBER Series is on track to debut in June of 2022. Stay tuned for as the series continues, because Book Four won't be far behind and on its heels will be the dawning of The Elyrian Prequels! 







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