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“The delight in L.K. Hingey's works is that they take the time to build entire worlds that rest on the foundations of moral, ethical, and survival challenges that test all the characters. It is as impossible to round up [The Kimber series] in the space of a short review as it is to describe The Lord of the Rings as simply an 'epic journey and struggle between darkness and light.”

Midwest Book Review
Donovan's Book Reviews

"Sci-fi readers interested in sagas that build worlds and new possibilities from the ashes of old paradigms will find The KIMBER Series novels vivid in their review of genetic engineering's promises and perils in a stormy human future.

Midwest Book Review



A superbly crafted dystopian sci-fi by a novelist with a genuine flair for originality and the entertaining narrative storytelling style that keeps and holds a reader's total attention from the first page to the last."

After reading KIMBER, I immediately added The Elyrian Chronicles to my list of post-apocalyptic favorites along with The Maze Runner and The hunger Games. Now, after experiencing the emotional ride that ORION takes readers on, elements have surfaced that bring The KIMBER Series closer to other sci-fi standouts like Ready Player One and The Martian. The Elyrian Chronicles has everything and will leave you desperate for book three!

J. Morrison, Penguin News

 I have had the honor to be one of the first to read [Kimber]... it is SO GOOD. And it this series is seriously starting to get EPIC. If you love book series like The Hunger Games, The Maze Runner, or Mortal Engines, you will love this book! 

Hannah Cerney-Brooks

KIMBER is a thought provoking read that will keep you on the edge of your seat! Strong scientific and religious undertones swirl together to bring us on a journey of discovery and possibilities. The book looks at the life of a special race of enhanced humans that will become like family and will have you cheering them on until the very end!

Christine Chavez

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